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The Smith Family

Charity: Children/Youth, Education, Welfare

The Smith Family is a national, independent non-profit organisation committed to helping disadvantaged Australian children by unlocking opportunities through education and learning.

Our children are Australia’s future and also our country’s most precious and vulnerable resource.  Sadly, one in seven Australian children are living in disadvantage and do not have access to the same educational, health or life opportunities that many of us enjoy and often take for granted.  Without support, the disadvantage they experience today is likely to continue into adulthood - and on to the next generation.

The Smith Family, a national, independent non-profit organisation, works in partnership with other caring Australians to help disadvantaged Australian children and their families.   As research has shown, supporting children’s education and learning is one of the most effective means of breaking the cycle of disadvantage and ensuring all children have the same opportunity to realise their potential.


02 9085 7222
Level 9
117 Clarence Street
NSW Australia

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