Start to enjoy a private and respectful online memorial website for your loved one that celebrates life.Share photos, videos, eulogies, memories and more, anywhere, anytime.

Living Years
  • How it works

    In only two minutes, you can easily and quickly create a delightful and meaningful Lifebook memorial website that you can share and enjoy with others.

    A Lifebook creates a multifaceted tribute to your loved one for years to come. As more people visit the Lifebook and share memories, photos and video, the story becomes richer and becomes a celebration of life for future generations to visit. You can also search the Living Years website for a wide range of services and products as hundreds of companies are listed for that purpose.

  • Feature Tour

    This tour will show, in just a few minutes, how quickly and easily you can create a Lifebook for your loved one with step by step instruction.

    Experience the array of uniquely rich features such as; choose from a wide range of beautiful themes; set reminders about important dates; choose a charity to donate to in memory; leave messages, memories and condolences. The Lifebook can be used as an online obituary or funeral notice. Moreover, there are features for preplanning and palliative care. You can choose to have your Lifebook totally private or available to public viewing.

  • Affordable Prices

    It's absolutely FREE to try out and if, after two weeks, you'd like to keep using your Lifebook, there is a small annual fee.

    You can take advantage of available discounts that range from $33 to $66 per annum depending on how many years you choose. Online payments are easy to arrange and they are very flexible to allow partial payments from family and friends. Lifebooks are FREE to families of deceased children less than 18 years of age.

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Latest News

May 13, 2011 : All Paws Pet Talk Radio becomes a private label client of Living Years Pets and now offers Lifebook personalised pet websites under their own brand.

The USA's largest radio station for pet enthuisasts has branded Lifebooks as their own and are offering these websites to their many listeners.

Apr 25, 2011 : Living Years Pets launches Lifebooks in two key pet conferences

Living Years Pets generated strong interests at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and the H&H Backers in Atlantic City

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